Dom The BearCreating Worlds [2011] [Album]


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Here is a rather " patchwork-like " album....but there as common points between the 14 tracks: as far as i'm convinced that a true artist is the one who owns his/her own universe and is able to create worlds, so let's create them right here.....

Ambiences from India, Africa, oniric worlds and Sci Fi others, orchestral and magic universes, realistic ones, make your choice ladies and gentlemen!! This album is not a Chillout and relaxing one as " Ethereal landscapes ", the famous album, was....but there is not agressive track or Techno-moving inside it, only 2 or 3 thrilling horror movie ,  Vampire Lords 2, A nite on Miracle Street and in a way lonesome someone.

No artist  would say " this album is a must listen to " and give you instructions about it...but i can only say my impressions: i was inspired.....just tell me please if i was indeed....:)  

Friendly yours, Dom


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