Neff & KenneyAllston Summer Rattland [2010] [Album]

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Album info
Based in Somerville, MA, Spencer Neff and Tim Kenney use guitars, synthesizers, electronic feedback loops, drum machines, and found sounds to create organic soundscapes, industrial beats, and glitch outbursts. Neff & Kenney's music has been described as "post no-jazz" by some and "whale sounds" by others. All of the music is improvised and recorded live. Allston Summer Reprise is N&K's sophomore offering.

  1. Summer Queen (Part 1) (03:25)
  2. 31 Quint (04:34)
  3. In Lieu of Hawaiian Ryan (09:40)
  4. Three Guitars with Zack Lamothe (12:17)
  5. Allston Summer Rattland (12:28)
  6. Summer Queen (Part 2) (07:02)
  7. Allston Summer Reprise (06:11)


Neff & Kenney – Allston Summer Rattland artwork
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