Sadsic[static atlas] [2009] [EP]


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EP info
Sadsic is a one man bedroom project of Ben Fraden, born in the space between fingers and MIDI Keyboards. Comprised mostly of electronic beats, percussion, and simplistic melody, Sadsic started as an experimental outlet for midnight noises back in December 2007. Quickly learning some music theory, and general haberdashery on how to make better music, Sadsic A.K.A. Ben Fraden became a music-major in a local community college mid-way 2008.

Fast-forward to December 2008; [sic], the first EP by Sadsic, was given to his girlfriend as a Christmas present. Upon hearing "rave reviews" from the people who loved him, Sadsic decided to get a bit more serious about his musical endeavors. In early 2009, [sun], the second EP by Sadsic, and [birthday], the third EP by Sadsic were released to little fanfare outside of his inner social circle. Deciding that marketing was a big part of getting music "out there", Sadsic decided to champion harder for his next EP, [static atlas].


01 Oxpecker - 3:45
02 Purpleprefix - 3:36
03 Small Balance Check - 1:05
04 Cutlery - 2:34
05 Chipbreakin' - 1:39
06 Schizoaphid - 2:26
07 Pumpump - 2:04
08 Trillarm - 2:53
09 Little Baby Aglet, I'm Gonna Let You Fly (Excursion) - 2:48
10 Cubicle - 2:52
11 Kennel Club - 2:00
12 Old Bulled - 2:11
13 Olfactory Worker / The Color Green - 4:00
14 Lake Huron - 4:06
15 Upright (Alright) - 4:56

Total Length: 42:56


Sadsic – [static atlas] artwork