Neff & Kenney with Leviathan JonesArecibo [2010] [Album]


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Album info
  1. Arecibo (07:05)
  2. AM (07:45)
  3. Tres Fronteras (feat. Leviathan Jones) (04:51)
  4. Orbitor (03:39)
  5. Drums and Frogs (06:45)
  6. 38 39 40 (07:55)
  7. Crude Coast (07:53)
  8. Jobs Crisis (07:12)

This is an exploration of unique synthesis. With their third self-produced album, Neff & Kenney emerge from the depths of the oceans and head for the distant reaches of space. Glitched-up drum machines, elegant synths, chirping feedback loops, and eerie samples create a sonic collage that constantly radiates through the vacuum, carrying a message to any civilization that might listen. With this release, the duo moves away from their darker, more ambient earlier style into new sonic territory.



Neff & Kenney with Leviathan Jones – Arecibo artwork
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