Sadsic[sidewalk spark] [2009] [EP]


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EP info
[sidewalk spark], the 6th EP by me, Sadsic, is here! Within this EP contains a combination of all the different sounds from all of my previous works; the bridging full-force electronica of [sic], the washed out raw ambiance of [sun], the sample-driven soundscapes of [birthday], the mid-tempo percussive jams of [static atlas], and the pure BoC-inspired synthesized sounds of [bedroom emotions] are all contained in this hour plus-long EP. Hope y'all enjoy it!


01 Modified #1
02 Joe Blade
03 Malt Nation
04 Postface
05 Suffering
06 Flagg
07 Paint
08 Archibald (Open Doors)
09 Ever Untied (ft. Omae)
10 Lispic
11 Refresh
12 Severance Package
13 Colorman Sheer
14 The End of Summer

Track 9 features drums by Evan Williams A.K.A. RE3
Track 9 also features vocals by Omae A.K.A. mspasta
Track 13 features 'kitchen percussion' by Evan Williams A.K.A. RE3


Sadsic – [sidewalk spark] artwork