The Jim Tablowski ExperienceSHOULD WE MAKE IT XXXTRA CREAMY ?? [2015] [Album]


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Album info
1. City Bike Gang (1:28)
2. Life Support (1:35)
3. Sup wit crops? (2:24)
4. I'm a Perroquet (1:17)
5. Surrender (2:26)
6. Should We Make It XXXtra Creamy ?? (1:28)
7. LA Gang Report (0:57)
8. 30sec average Popsong (1:26)
9. I just came to say goodbye (2:20)
10. Vanity Fair (1:47)

Total length: 17:08

maybe the last but possibly the best record we ever and in general made. recorded somewhen, all songs by ghostwriters. (bandcamp)


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