Sledding With TigersA Necessary Bummer [2014] [Album]


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Album info
1. Never Really Good At Sports (2:59)
2. "Oasis" by Wonderwall (2:20)
3. Not So Body Posi After All (2:12)
4. Handshake (Never Trust Relationship Advice From The Lead Singer of a Pop-Punk Band) (1:35)
5. National Public Radio (1:36)
6. Cuddle Punx (The Theme From ECCO: The Dolphin) (1:01)
7. The Devil and a California Burrito are Raging Inside Me (1:58)
8. Oh, Right. Damn it. (2:07)
9. I Got The Blues Macaroni And Cheese (2:04)
10. That One Limp Bizkit Song (2:46)

Total length: 20:38

From Antique Records:
‘A Necessary Bummer’ is the debut full-length album from the San Diego based group Sledding With Tigers. The 10-song projects features tales of life, love, and self-loathing as told through the eyes of singer/songwriter Dan Faughdner. His music is not folk enough for folk or punk enough for punk, but it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face."


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