Emanuel and the FearListen [2010] [Album]

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Album info
01. The Introduction
02. Guatemala
03. Ariel and the River
04. Jimmie's Song (Full Band Version)
05. Duckies
06. Free Life
07. Dear Friend
08. Yo, Jamin
09. Trucker Lovesong
10. Balcony
11. Whatever You Do
12. Bridges and Ladies
13. The Raimin
14. Same Way
15. Simple Eyes
16. Song for a Girl
17. The Finale
18. Look Ma, The Walls Are Moving!
19. Razzmatazz


Released 09 March 2010
Produced by Jamin Gilbert for Ishlab Music and Emanuel Ayvas.
Recorded and edited by Jamin Gilbert and Emanuel Ayvas at Ishlab Music (Brooklyn, NY).

Assistant Engineers – Joseph Rivas and Mark Sanders

Executive Produced by Jamin Gilbert

Mixed by Patrick Dillett at Kampo Stuios

Mix Assistants: Jonathan Altschuler, Yuki Takahanshi, Emanuel Ayvas and Jamin Gilbert

Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering

Photographs by Heidi Greenwood

Artwork by Les Barbire


Emanuel and the Fear – Listen artwork
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