Tabasco FiascoOne EP [2009] [EP]

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EP info
The follow up to Hot Sauce! EP saw Gaz continue to experiment with rock as a genre with the 7 minute progressive instrumental ‘Pink Sabre Rattling’ - a schizophrenic journey through killer riffs, unorthodox time signatures, discordant harmony & Dave Gilmour inspired blues (Jed Potts solo) - but also return to a sense of pop sensibility with the expertly crafted ‘Passion Fruit’ which reached the semi-final of the UK Songwriting Competition rock category in 2011.

The press said of One EP/Tabasco Fiasco: ‘Expertly executed’, 'Unpredictable', ‘The most enthralling modern prog band these shores have produced’, ‘They’re developing their own sound and chucking in some very listenable tunes to boot.’
released 05 May 2009
All music and lyrics written by Gaz Clinton. Guitars & Vocals: Gaz Clinton. Guitar: Jed Potts. Bass: Andrew Wilson. Drums: Neil Warrack. Recorded live in the studio by Neil McNaught @ Split Level Studios. Mixed & produced by Neil McNaught & Gary Clinton.

  1. Internet Access
  2. Conspiranoia
  3. Pink Sabre Rattling
  4. Passion Fruit
  5. Through The Eyes Of The Reaper Man


Tabasco Fiasco – One EP artwork
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