Big Mean Sound MachineMarauders [2012] [Album]

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Album info
  1. Marauders (06:19)
  2. Gangland (05:14)
  3. Big Time (06:10)
  4. The Warning (05:42)
  5. Seeds (02:22)
  6. Eat It (07:04)
  7. Between Prophecy & Heresy (03:57)
  8. Ark of the Convenient (06:58)
  9. Enjoy the Fear (B-Side) (03:23)

Big Mean's Second Full-Length independent release "Marauders" incorporates 20 different musicians on a dangerous journey through sonic worlds. Combining elements of afro-beat, future funk, jazz, and electronic music, these 9 tracks represent post modern musical conciseness.



Big Mean Sound Machine – Marauders artwork
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