PtarmiganOur Ancient Friends [2009] [Album]

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Album info
Release: 2009-4-18
Country: US
Length: 51:09


 1.  Lord Who Built This House (4:36)
 2.  Pleistocene (6:06)
 3.  Stars On Patrol (3:11)
 4.  Good Morning Holocene (3:37)
 5.  Valley Of Some Sort (5:39)
 6.  Eardrums Burst (4:47)
 7.  Hydroelectric Power Commission: Fear Holds Us Back (4:15)
 8.  Thylacine (5:32)
 9.  Le 'Ospital (5:28)
10.  Interloper (5:07)
11.  Nights And Lights (2:55)

Ptarmigan is a modern band of the powerfolk ambioPop genre formed in Columbia, Missouri in 2007. Evan Walton, Peter Marting, and Ted Carstensen create intricate, powerful explosions from simple folk roots and catchy melodies over levels of ambiance. Their debut album, 'Our Ancient Friends' was released on April 18th, 2009 in Columbia, MO.

Find them on facebook too, under 'ptarmigan.'


Ptarmigan – Our Ancient Friends artwork