Lee RosevereAsimov (music inspired by the writings of) [2012] [Album]


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Album info
  1. Multivac (01:07)
  2. Dreaming is a Private Thing (04:36)
  3. The Machine That Won The War (03:44)
  4. It's Such A Beautiful Day (06:50)
  5. Eyes Do More Than See (03:24)
  6. The Dead Past (05:50)
  7. Gimmicks Three (02:14)
  8. The Ugly Little Boy (07:08)
  9. The Last Question (02:59)
  10. Nightfall (11:17)


An album of original music, inspired by the writings of Isaac Asimov. Each track is named after the corresponding short-story that inspired it.


Lee Rosevere – Asimov (music inspired by the writings of) artwork
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