ThomaxThe REMIX-Files Volume 7 [2012] [Album]


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Album info
  1. Fire For The People REMIX (Blue Scholars) (04:38)
  2. Nothingness Interlude (00:40)
  3. Feel It REMIX (Braille) (03:45)
  4. La Saga REMIX (IAM + Timbo King) (03:23)
  5. Street Wars Pt. II REMIX (Vinnie Paz + Clipse) (02:31)
  6. Permanent Standby REMIX (Felt: Slug & Murs) (03:57)
  7. Ghost Dance Deluxe REMIX (Felt: Slug & Murs) (03:24)

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Thomax – The REMIX-Files Volume 7 artwork
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