Saint BernardThe Spirit of the Stairs [2011] [Album]

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Album info
  1. Montauk (03:00)
  2. Je t'aime, Je t'aime (03:16)
  3. Elliott's Waltz (03:27)
  4. Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt (03:21)
  5. MDC (03:59)
  6. You're Aces, Ackley Kid, You Know That? (03:08)
  7. Where Did You Go? (02:48)
  8. The Devil Was Abroad (05:09)
  9. Sometimes (03:13)
  10. Canon AE-1 (03:19)


Kevin Murray: Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Ukulele
Ian Craig: Bass/Piano
Ben Gogolski: Drums/Percussion
Eric French: Sound Engineer/ Lead Guitar


Saint Bernard – The Spirit of the Stairs artwork
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