Chip's ChallengeHalfbit Hero [2011] [EP]

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EP info
  1. Special Beam Cannon (03:18)
  2. Machu Picchu (03:09)
  3. Kickpuncher (03:56)
  4. First Breath After Coma (Explosions In the Sky Cover) (04:24)
  5. Mookie's Last Christmas (Saosin Cover) (02:45)
  6. Beyond the Heliosphere (Demo) (04:18)


So we threw together an EP in a few days because we had a show and we wanted to have CDs to hand out after the show. So here it is.

Chip's Challenge is a three-piece band from Rochester, NY.
We modded our PSPs so we could make music with them.
Those squares you hear... we think they're beautiful.


Chip's Challenge – Halfbit Hero artwork
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