Tortilla PassThe Secret Deity [2012] [EP]


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Tortilla Pass Remixed By: oddlogic
EP info
  1. Maybe Tomorrow (02:48)
  2. Chumba History (02:50)
  3. Marsh Life (03:41)
  4. GrassGirl (06:15)
  5. GrassGirl (oddlogic hypnosis mix) (05:40)


'The Secret Deity' is the most recent offering by 18 year old NY based producer Tortilla Pass. It is a short but eclectic collection of field recording and sample based electronic compositions, stitting comfortably between hip hop and psychedelic shaman forest night music. The album also features a remix contribution by oddlogic, in the form of a dreamy minimalist techno "hypnosis mix".


Tortilla Pass – The Secret Deity artwork
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