Big Mean Sound MachineOuroboros [2011] [Album]

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Album info
  1. March of the Machine (03:48)
  2. The Egg (05:53)
  3. Dr. Iguana (04:19)
  4. Drunk and Crying (03:51)
  5. Tongue Power (04:49)
  6. Tzar Bomba (05:59)
  7. Nice Vice (03:53)
  8. Jujumanji (05:42)
  9. Spacecakes (02:01)
  10. A Grain of Sand (05:35)


Ouroboros is the first full-length release from the Big Mean Sound Machine. 10 original tracks inspired by music of many genres, tying together a truly unique and rhythmic sound. Enjoy.


Big Mean Sound Machine – Ouroboros artwork
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