Jesus SeashellGhoul / 1989 EP [2010] [EP]


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EP info
All songs recorded via the wonderful medium of an old slightly broken tascam four-track onto ancient, repurposed leonard cohen cassettes in my apartment, by myself, at night, sometime between 2009 and 2010.

You can download this for free, or you can pay me money if you'd like. The latter would go to pickups for an old guitar i'm trying to repair for my next EP, which will be all about guitars and stuff.

Album art by my most excellent friend Frode Gulla.

  1. Byrjing (01:34)
  2. Homeless (02:59)
  3. Life (04:43)
  4. Ghoul / 1989 (08:17)



Jesus Seashell – Ghoul / 1989 EP artwork
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