AdoreEmotion [2009] [EP]

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EP info
From the creator of "Beneath Us", comes the second release in the EP series, "Emotion".

Running in sadness, like a symphony of a dream. There's homeless children around, struggling for survival. You want it to all be a blur of past, and try to focus on bright moments. But you'll always have memories in time, where you were abandoned, and struggled in the search to belong - it's in this moment you hopefully wake up, and remind yourself that you were given one more chance.

01. Running In Sadness (0:53)
02. Symphony Of A Dream (1:40)
03. Homeless Children (2:32)
04. Survival (2:28)
05. Blur Of Past (1:37)
06. Bright Moments (1:02)
07. Memories In Time (3:28)
08. Abandoned (1:30)
09. Search To Belong (3:00)
10. One More Chance (0:48)



Adore – Emotion artwork