UVThe UV EP [2009] [EP]


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EP info
  1. The Beta Test
  2. Burn
  3. Fauna Flash
  4. Smoke Damage
  5. Nos Calan Gaeaf
  6. Lights
  7. The Colourful World Of Suru Ukaeiya

We are about to extend our electronic release section with one well crafted and musically stunning opus by UK based producer Matthew Stenning under his UV moniker. Named after its composer, "The UV EP" brings us both, hard rockin. lamb choppin beats and strings from the heart of darkness along with the sweetest cuddlebleepism since zelda and link's harp duet joined forces with the moomin harmonica crew. This is music for the soul!
In the artist's own words: "The UV sound is a very insular one, and unintentionally disrespectful of genre - the point is to simply write what 'needs' to be written at that time, as opposed to curtailing to tempo, style or other restrictive boundaries - the mood could be dark, playful, energetic, organic, or technological - it really doesn't matter. A feeling, or vibe is prioritised, not category".


UV – The UV EP artwork
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