SquantoGo Go Gadget Grass Stains [2009] [Album]

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Album info
Release: 2009-05
Label: [no label]
Country: US
Type: Album
Length: 39:15


 1.  Waiting and Waterskiing (4:16)
 2.  The Desert of Lies (4:59)
 3.  A Squash Surprise (2:23)
 4.  Aaron (4:22)
 5.  Late October 2006, On a Bench in the Park on Merrick Ave. (3:02)
 6.  Sammy Wouldn't Get Out of the Boat (So It Sank) (1:42)
 7.  The Brown Beast (3:44)
 8.  The Golden Gun (1:18)
 9.  Gumballs/The Fountain of Truth (13:29)



Squanto – Go Go Gadget Grass Stains artwork
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