Mr. Familiar with Albert Vargas and J. NiCSFamiliarButNew [2011] [EP]


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EP info
  1. iScream (02:26)
  2. Chocolate (02:08)
  3. undertheflame (02:58)
  4. Just A Taste (03:58)
  5. Look of Lve (02:21)
  6. Psychedelic (00:34)
  7. Adeco (02:23)
  8. Fire Power (03:06)
  9. Wings ft. J. NiCS & Albert Vargas (05:33)


"FamiliarButNew" is an instrumental EP consisting of 9 tracks. Fully instrumental except for the song "Wings" a refreshing track featuring J.Nics & Albert Vargas. Mr. Familiar encourages any and all artists to experiment, write, listen, vibe, and or enjoy the hell out of this project. Don’t hesitate to send us any ideas, remixes, or concepts you come up with.

For any inquiries email: info at lemusicgroup dot com


Mr. Familiar with Albert Vargas and J. NiCS – FamiliarButNew artwork
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