Owen GilbridePlate Tectonics [2009] [Album]

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Album info
Plate Tectonics is a music album constructed from Sci-Fi synthesizers, modified animal calls, metallic sounds, & the human voice (often distorted beyond recognition & used as a rhythm instrument). It is either unusually smooth industrial or unusually abrasive ambient music (with occasional side stops in 80s-inspired Synthpop), with songs acting as soundtracks to non-existent films about intergalactic tunnel worms, Moon Fish, & cannibalistic swamp hermits. Listen to it & you will never be unhappy again. This is a guarantee (this is not a guarantee).

1. Applied Science
2. Radiation Generation
3. Grinder
4. Worm
5. Hyperdrive
6. Infinitesizer
7. Phospholoid
8. Swampland Samuels
9. two songs about rain
10. Plate Tectonics
11. There is a Lady


Owen Gilbride – Plate Tectonics artwork
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