The Willow & The BuilderThe Willow & The Builder [2011] [Album]

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Album info
  1. Teahouse Treehouse (03:15)
  2. Heartache   (03:43)
  3. A Vast Emptiness   (01:52)
  4. Mansion Man   (03:17)
  5. Rosaline   (04:14)
  6. What's Next (03:31)
  7. Oh Willow! (Why Wallow?)   (02:50)
  8. Cut It Down   (06:10)


The Willow & The Builder grew from the roots of its title. Over several windy winter weeks, Richard Miron and Adrian Simon set about crafting a collection of songs and stories about growth, sorrow, trees, and the determination to create happiness from the world that surrounds them. The result is an 8-song debut, a sprightly exploration and reflective meditation on the themes and images conjured by the phrase "The Willow & The Builder."

Richard Miron : Vocals / Guitar / Piano
Adrian Simon : Vocals / Guitar / Piano / Drums


The Willow & The Builder – The Willow & The Builder artwork
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