After Three SecondsGenius Loci [2008] [EP]

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EP info
After Three Seconds is an alternative/progressive band from Southbury, Connecticut. Their music is at once very contemporary and hugely indebted to a long history of classical, jazz and various folk music forms.
The band seeks to create a cohesive image of another world with every song on their debut EP: the bipolar euphoria and dread of a near-apocalyptic earth, the insurmountable warmth of the soul on a breezy summer day, a stomping blues-twinged ghost story and an epic trek through a foggy arboreal netherworld. The Genius Loci EP showcases a young band who still has much more to offer the world.



01 - Tunguska
02 - Solstice
03 - Seven Skeletons Dancing
04 - Dead Man's Lantern


After Three Seconds – Genius Loci artwork
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