z0rgOf Lyres & Chocolate [2011] [Album]


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Seventeen minutes of Orchestral music, inspired by the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show, more specifically, two background characters from it.
While I was making this, it occured to me, that it also doubles as a soundtrack for a fanfic, except the waltz at the end. I changed the ending to a bittersweet one, though i don't think many of you could differentiate from the tracks alone.
Anyways, enjoy.

  1. Act 1 (02:09)
  2. Act 2 (01:16)
  3. Act 3   (01:24)
  4. Act 4   (03:55)
  5. Act 5   (02:59)
  6. Interlude   (01:03)
  7. Act 6   (04:16)



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