T BirdT Bird Is Good For You [2011] [Album]


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Album info
  1. Living This Life to Death (03:57)
  2. Somebody Had a Drinking Problem Last Night (02:09)
  3. Nickles and Dimes (04:26)
  4. Hey Baby (03:57)
  5. Goin' Down to the Bus Stop (02:22)
  6. Diggin' in the Dirt (03:40)
  7. T-Rex (00:37)
  8. Yusef Labeef (03:48)
  9. Talk To Me Jesus (03:12)
  10. I Want To Be Inside You (02:34)


Written, produced, performed, recorded, and mixed by TBird.
Sammy P: mastering engineer. recording engineer for much of the vocals, all horns, and various overdubs. technical and moral support.
Tansy Crane, Plum Crane: backing vocals.
Barbara Crane: kids on "T-rex", crazy woman on "busstop".
Nicky Steves: saxophone on "busstop", "inside you"
Mike Arnold: trumpet on "inside you"
Andrea Sweetlove: nurse
Snow Crane: website
thanx 2 the D-man, Cody Furr, Matt Oliver, Dann T. Mann, James Stevens


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