MC CullahE=MC Cullah [2009] [Album]


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Album info
MC Cullah is a rapper/singer/songwriter/producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His music is lost somewhere in between Electronica and Hip Hop with a pinch of psychedelic melodies. With an arsenal of synthesizers and a library of forgotten sounds he manages to create something  that sparks imagination and wonder. He brings to you free his album entitled E=MC Cullah. This album goes into the depths of time and space.

"Born and raised to gaze into the beyond, MC Cullah stops time and sings his song."

  1. Slipping Into Mystery
  2. Rocket Into The Future
  3. Sound Perception
  4. A Mess These Days
  5. Soul Hip Hop
  6. Microphone City
  7. Mance Daster
  8. The Beat Influence
  9. Quick Break (Don't Be A Gangster)
  10. The Skies Don't Lie! (But I Does)
  11. Reigning Fire
  12. The Power of Flight
  13. Gloriful
  14. Straight to Heaven
  15. 1024^8

Rocket Into The Future:



MC Cullah – E=MC Cullah artwork