Addae DansMyndust [2011] [EP]

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EP info Exclusive!

In the past few month I tried to open a new gate between the psychedelic music and the slow, downtepmo-dubstepish style. I mixed it with my own style and here is the result. Hope some of you will enjoy it, in spite of the fact it holds some deeper information than just entertaining. I would be glad if you would comment your ideas about the future of this stuff or just share your ideas. Thanks!

Remix: If you would like to do any kind of stuff with it, just send me a mail/message and I will give you the samples.

  1. Mieso   (6:46)
  2. James Whisper   (7:33)
  3. Carol's Pipe   (7:19)
  4. Myndust   (6:48)


Addae Dans – Myndust artwork