AavepyöräTie ja vaeltaja [2008] [Album]


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I did the album in the summer of 2008 on the GP2X Linux console with Little Piggy Tracker. Writing music in parks, forests, mountains, meadows, buses trains and dark corners of peoples' living rooms was a hell lot of a fun. Now in 2011 when everyone has an Iphone, making music on the go is pretty normal, but for me at that time (when I didn't even have an apartment and/or space to work with my computer) the experience was pretty liberating.

1. Everything's Still Fine 07:52
2. Until The Lasers of This World Blaze No More 09:24
3. Tie ja vaeltaja 08:10
4. Black Stars, White Sky 08:19
5. Pirates of Fox Bay 08:49
6. The Uncounted Scales of The Multihued Dragon That Lies between The Dimensions 08:47
7. Survival of The Free 06:08
8. Mint On a Mountain 08:32
9. The Road and The Wanderer 08:20



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