AavepyöräGoddess Guerrilla [2006] [Album]


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This must remain possibly my most popular album so far, and for a reason. A variety of tracks with production values that mostly fell in place rather nicely... I play these tracks a lot where ever I go, and every time they rock the location. Enjoy!

1. Et In Arcadia Ego (if you go, you'd better goa all the way mix) 06:36
2. Auringon kanssa 08:33
3. Zarjaz Beats! 05:58
4. Kaikki-Alla 07:39
5. Goddess Guerrilla 10:24
6. Dance of Tomorrow 08:07
7. Vapausvoima 09:18
8. Stone Age Economics & Space Age Tools (2011 remaster) 07:33
9. Je Vivroie Liement (AVP Heart of Winter mix) 07:35



Aavepyörä – Goddess Guerrilla artwork
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