Plastic PenguinBande Dessinée [2011] [Album]


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Album info
In “Bande Dessinée“ the listener follows cosmic trails. The key to understand this album is in the following question: “Comic Strip“ or “Cosmic Trip“? The release is structured into ten “sound cartoons“ impromptu, heterogeneous and ironic! As for “Volksmusik“, even on this occasion the song structure presents improvisations on synthesized sound backed by “drawn“ or “onomatopoeic“ sounds put together in an imaginative cut`n copy, crossing galactic routes, western star, impressionism Electronic & Crafts retro-futurist. “Comic Strips“ is completed by ten cartoons of cartoonist Marcello De Martino. Ernesto took part in the Mugione telettrofono Vesuvius, Gianluca Roviniello with his harp and astral Francis Renella artwork.


1. Co(s)mic (S)trip        03:14
2. ATOM_uan        02:39
3. Super Penguin        03:27
4. Dub Sans Sub 02:06
5. Neu!gativland 03:05
6. Fallin’Eyes        03:14
7. La Nuit étoilée        04:28
8. Neon Klang        05:48
9. Sons Dessinées        04:36
10. DC79Vocoder 03:47


Plastic Penguin – Bande Dessinée artwork
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