Partition 36The Optic Nerve [2011] [Single]


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The Optic Nerve is a trippy single from Partition 36 that started out as an experiment. The whole idea was to try and write a harder/harsher song than what was found on Inside The Beat, and then remix it a few times and turn it into a single.

The original mix takes EBM/industrial influences and blends it with new age ideas about the year 2012. After that is the "Near-Sighted Mix", which takes the original song and makes it more dance-oriented. Track three is the "604 Mix", a trippy blending of the original track with goa trance. Finishing up the single is a new remix of "Cyberpunks" called the "Leaky Mix". This song is Partition 36's way of showing its support for WikiLeaks, and also for open culture. The original song is available on Inside The Beat.

Tracks one through three use samples from Rodleen Getsic, which are available from and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license.

  1. The Optic Nerve (Original Mix)
  2. The Optic Nerve (Near-Sighted Mix)
  3. The Optic Nerve (604 Mix)
  4. Cyberpunks (Leaky Mix)


Partition 36 – The Optic Nerve artwork
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