EoluneTiny Oceans [2011] [EP]


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We are proud to present our second release, Tiny Oceans EP. The 7-song EP is more or less a companion piece to last years’ Canvas EP. Most of the songs were written in the same period, with the drums being tracked in the same session with Jonathan Schmidt. These recordings represent the end of a chapter for the band, which has made them difficult to let go of. It has been a long road, but we are pleased that they are finally finished and available to you.

  1. Fix the Latches (04:09)
  2. Ghost Departure (04:14)
  3. Revatmos (04:09)
  4. Tiny Oceans (04:18)
  5. Dog's Tale (I Like the View) (04:53)
  6. Loveless Imaginations (03:43)
  7. City Cemeteries (05:02)



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Eolune – Tiny Oceans artwork