Casey LaLondeBeware! [2008] [Album]


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This album was recorded in a bedroom in late 2008. All vocals / samples recorded through a pair of headphones on my laptop's mic-plug. First foray into music really. Enjoy! <:

1. Memoirs of A Jogger's Ghost 04:17
2. A Knife And A Heart 03:29
3. Izmir 03:14
4. Beat Salesman 03:31
5. Dave And Allison 03:13
6. Urban Legends 03:32
7. What You Gotta Do Is 04:04
8. Devil 04:33
9. No One Can Say We Didn't Try 05:34
10. Between Awake And Sleep 04:29
11. Danced In The Alleyway 02:24
12. Less Is More 04:42
13. What'd You Say? 03:02
14. Death And The Powers 04:12


Cover art done up by the vunderbarr Geneva Hodgson


Casey LaLonde – Beware! artwork
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