TechnikillerNICECUBE [2011] [EP]


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EP info
NICECUBE is the first release from Murfreesboro, TN-based duo Technikiller.  Recorded in two sessions at two different locations, with several months in between, the EP is meant to reflect Technikiller's live shows, for which nothing is pre-recorded and all loops are done live.

Track List
  1. I'm... Cold...   (0:24)
  2. Welcome to the Internet   (4:37)
  3. Baby Is a Chest   (2:15)
  4. Marrio Karte   (3:04)
  5. Whatever Happened to Bradley Beshears?   (3:39)
  6. Carl Sagan   (3:49)


Engineered & Mixed by: Alex Moore, Jeremi Morris, Steven Palassis

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Technikiller – NICECUBE artwork