HatemagickHellfire EBM [2011] [Album]


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Album info
Hatemagick's fourth album takes the band and music to another level of dark dance. This album consists of songs that will make you dance, while adhering to Hatemagick's dark and sinister sound.

This is first class ebm and electro-industrial music. The opening song "Body Beat" is enough to prove that Hatemagick is an act which will be going far.

1. Body Beat
2. EBM attack
3. Birth of a sungod
4. Gamma Violation
5. Attenzione
6. Darkness
7. Black as midnight

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Also if there are enquiries concerning licensing of music you can contact Jon via reverbnation. Hatemagick is positively inclined towards any kind of usage of the music, whether it be movies, DJ'ing, remixing or games.

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Hatemagick – Hellfire EBM artwork