Sadsic[son] [2010] [EP]


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EP info
This is my only release from 2010 and is the first release to try and delve into some sort of instrumental hip hop genre (at least for the first half). It's pretty strange, lo-fi, "rough", and experimental as well. Enjoy!

01 Paper Dream Resurrection
02 Hotwash
03 Aqidah
04 Love Rides Within You
05 8 Dollars an Hour
06 Praxino
07 Accessable Cool Guy
08 Snake
09 Stoic (in the Face of Danger)
10 Oakland is Dead
11 Rainvows Siomeont
12 Sunwalker
13 Peacetime Perfect
14 Red Hand Taste
15 Scorpion
16 Another Psychedelic Universe


Sadsic – [son] artwork