Mr SelfdestructGamma Overload [2011] [Demo]


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Demo info

Writing, Arrangements, Sampling, Artwork: Mr Selfdestruct.

I just finished this track, it has not been officially released yet.

I've decided to keep this a

This track is dedicated to the strong people of Japan.

In case any donations are made on this track, they will be immediatly re-directed to the Austrian Red - Cross Foundation's  account, who are working on various ambitious project at the moment to help the country out in the following years.

In this case i can't say "enjoy", the track is dark, twisted, melancholic, dense, bipolar and pretty angry, simply my very personal reflection on the anomalous situation in Japan / Fukushima and the nuclear plant's case history.

If the case, Screenshots & scans regarding any transactions to the Austrian Red Cross Foundation's account will be posted here in this torrent group description.


Mr Selfdestruct – Gamma Overload artwork