ch4rl33Emulsifying Sounds [2009] [Album]

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Album info
Charlee is an artist currently residing in the Bay Area. After a 6-year foray into indie and folk, he has found himself creating electronic music deeply inspired by an infinitude of genres including 80's New Wave and video game music (VGM).

His second album this year, Emulsifying Sounds explores territories in dance and electronica that the first album, Moving Down Motions, so briefly visited. Using modern techniques, Emulsifying Sounds combines the fundamentals of retro, pop, and electro to produce a sound that is reminiscent of French touch, yet uniquely distinct as its own genre.


01. Diskevilry (5:21)
02. Little Time (3:47)
03. Danger (5:20)
04. Parfaite (4:22)
05. Fortunacht (3:32)
06. Approach (3:54)
07. Vanquishing Gravity (ft. duma nes) (5:21)
08. Atariola (4:55)
09. I Dreamt (4:36)
10. Sommer Nights (3:10)
Total: (44:18)


ch4rl33 – Emulsifying Sounds artwork