ch4rl33Moving Down Motions [2009] [Album]


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Album info
Charlee is an artist from California whose music focuses one the melodic revival of simple progressions as well as the unbiased globalization of music. While the music itself is categorized generally as electronic, it is (at least to me) much more than that. Moving Down Motions is Charlee's second release, this album being more electronic than the last. The production of this album has been influenced by video games and drugs, and most importantly, other good music!

  1. Aperture to the Kind
  2. New
  3. Lemory Mane
  4. Tollchalks
  5. Vassle Pt. 1
  6. Release
  7. Loki
  8. Satisfaction (big D1CK exPLOsion remix)
  9. Vassle Pt. 2 & 3
  10. Chetzpy
  11. Contes
  12. Es Cah Pe
  13. Out There


ch4rl33 – Moving Down Motions artwork