Tagging rules

  • Tags should be comma separated, and you should use a period ('.') to separate words inside a tag - eg. 'hip.hop'.
  • There is a list of official tags on the upload page. Please use these tags instead of 'unofficial' tags (eg. use the official 'drum.and.bass' tag, instead of an unofficial 'dnb' tag.)
  • Avoid abbreviations if at all possible. So instead of tagging an album as 'alt', tag it as 'alternative'. Make sure that you use correct spelling.
  • Avoid using multiple synonymous tags. Using both 'prog.rock' and 'progressive.rock' is redundant and annoying - just use the official 'progressive.rock' tag.
  • Don't use 'useless' tags, such as 'seen.live', 'awesome', 'rap' (is encompassed by 'hip.hop'), etc. If an album is live, you can tag it as 'live'.
  • Only tag information on the album itself - NOT THE INDIVIDUAL RELEASE. Tags such as 'v0', 'eac', 'vinyl', 'from.oink' etc are strictly forbidden. Remember that these tags will be used for other versions of the same album.

Other Sections

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Clients These are the clients we allow to connect to our tracker and rules specific to them.
Tagging These rules govern what tags can and can not be added.