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Site-wide freeleech has been enabled for Christmas until Sunday 1st Jan 23:59 GMT.  :santa:

Update: Freeleech has now ended.

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Some changes have been made to how the tracker works. When uploading a torrent there is now an additional 'Tracking type' option. If this is set to 'semi-private' then that torrent can be downloaded by anyone without a passkey, ie. non-members.

The idea is to give artists the choice of either sharing their work solely with the community or to use the tracker to reach a wider audience. For registered users such torrents are clearly labeled on the browse page as [Semi-private] and all are Neutral leech. This means that you can download them without having any impact on your ratio.

A public upload page is also now available for unregistered artists to easily upload torrents to the site.

For those who are curious, semi-private torrents have the private flag set with PEX and DHT disabled.

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To quote atlas from the forums:

atlas wrote:

It has been 6 months and 3 days since your (Panda's) account was registered, which is roughly in-line with the public release of this site. Recalling your original idea, vision,  and aspirations for this site, is the current state of where you imagined it being at 6 months old? Where do you envision the site in another 6 months?

Aside from initial aspirations for the site itself, how well, in terms of uploads/response/support/etc do you think the community/users are doing? What things can us, as users, be doing to support the staff and the site (other than upload content, of course)?

Personally, I am pleased so far but think it can still be taken up a notch. There was a fair amount of interest and activity to start. Which continues to...


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Portions of the torrent details and artist pages are now publicly viewable complete with more 'friendly URLs'. This is to make it easier to link to releases, and also allow would-be members to preview some of the content on site before joining.
Viewable sections include torrent descriptions, artist wikis, similar artist maps and artwork images. Please note that user profiles are not public and this update does not affect the tracker itself, which remains private.

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We are pleased to announce that is online and operational! Feel free to spread the word by inviting friends and family, to help get the site community thriving.

For the talented artists among you with original material we encourage you to upload it and let your music be shared. If you wish, you can also make use of the artist donation feature.

Since this is quite a key feature of the site we thought we would explain it here in a little more detail:

When uploading a torrent, if you are the artist or an official representative, you have the option to enter your PayPal details and an (optional) donation target (which is total sum on donations that you would like to reach). This will appear on the details page of the torrent, allowing other site users to donate directly to you for your music.

If you are the artist responsible for any of the torrents already uploaded here by another member please

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